Funds Raised

Ride to Rise is a 2- week cycling campaign across the Indian west coast from Mumbai to Coorg via Goa with the primary aim of promoting sports-inclusive education and raising funds to improve sports infrastructure for kids in India.

Our aim is to leverage sports to improve learning outcomes and develop social and cognitive abilities among kids.

Through Ride to Rise we intend to..

  • Create Awareness on the importance of sports-inclusive education system that fosters the natural process of spontaneous learning in kids
  • Raise Funds for our partners (Hockey Village India) who share similar values in providing better education and sports infrastructure for underprivileged kids
  • Improve Infrastructure so that every kid in India has adequate sports facilities to play and the opportunity to pursue a future in sports

Our beneficiaries for this cause are:

  • Hockey Village India (HVI) – A small school started by a German athlete, who made it her life’s mission to provide quality education and teach hockey to underprivileged kids in Rural Rajasthan. Additional details can be found at hockeyvillageindia.com
  • Ashwini Sports Foundation (ASF) – NGO started by one of India’s most famous athletes, Ashwini Nachappa, to provide quality infrastructure and unearth talent and to groom athletes for FREE to be consistently on par with the rest of the world. Additional details can be found at asfedge.org